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Jun. 6th, 2008

I'll be clinging to a saving hand


1. Does my muse have to be an alcoholic?
No, but he or she should suffer an addiction or be related to someone struggling with addiction. Some examples are: drug addiction, eating disorders, sex addiction, etc.

2. I'm signing up during the fourth month - where do I start?
All participants must start at Step One. The prompts are listed by step as we go, linking from the user info and tagged as 'prompt' in the main community. To remain active in the community, members must respond to one of the four prompts listed for whichever step you have reached once every three months (four prompts/year).

3.So, wait, not all muses will be on the same step at a time?
Correct. Your muse starts at step one no matter when he or she joins the program. If you wish you may respond to more than one prompt per step and/or you may move on to the next step right away, but only one step per three months is required.

4. Do I post to the community or my journal or what?
Please post your prompt responses to the main community and tag them with both your muse's tag (assigned when accepted). You may post to your own journal if you wish, most do. Introductions are also to be posted to the community.

5. How many muses can I have?
As many as you like, but they all have to remain active.

6. How many of each character can there be?
Only one in the community. The list is here. If there is a Tony Stark based in comic fandom in the community, we will not be accepting a Tony Stark based in movie fandom. There can be only one Tony Stark. If the muse you want is taken you may request to be added to the waiting list.

7. May I write in the third person for prompt responses?
Yes! Prompt responses may be ficlets, journal entries, chat logs etc. The only rule is a word count of 150+.

8. I am still confused!!
Any other questions? Comment or drop an email to imaginaryalice[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Jun. 2nd, 2008

I'll be clinging to a saving hand


Please comment to this post with your application. Comments are screened. Check Here for Taken Muses.

1. Muse name:

2. Muse fandom or OC:

3. Muse journal:

4. Addiction:

5. Mun name or nickname and email:

6. Mun journal:

7. Other patients currently in the program:

8. Introduce yourself to the other patients. This is the introduction to be posted to the community upon acceptance and must being "My name is {Muse Name} and I am {addiction}."
I'll be clinging to a saving hand

Taken Muses


Winnifred Burkle: onlywantstostay

The Covenant

Caleb Davers: 18th_chapter


Sara Sidle: brokenbeyond


Luka Kovac: dr_luka_kovac
Abby Lockhart: abbytude

Fallen Angel

Lee (Liandra): fallen_lee

Law and Order (all series)

Robert Goren: rgoren_nypd


Maggie Ford: maggie_ford


Anson Greene: anson_greene

Marvel Comics

Sally Blevins: skids_sally
Theresa Cassidy: siryn_song
Carol Danvers: marvelnotagirl
Emma Frost: mutablepolitics
Robert Kelly: mutantwatch
Tony Stark: superherotype

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Katsuragi Misato: note_cleavage


Edward Cullen: the_deathofme
Bella Swan: magnetfordanger

Original Characters, Fandom Affiliated

Serenity Reine (Die Hard): patriots_voice
Molly Vernard (Marvel Comics): littlegoodgolly
Brittany Wells (24): contact_zero

Original Characters, Not Fandom Affiliated

Bobby Barnes: badbobbybarnes
Jenna Daughtry: makehismistake
Athna Harold: icedetective
Mab: mabofwinterdark
Brody McAdams: campjesus
Casper Penn: curiouslycasper


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I'll be clinging to a saving hand

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